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Learn everything you need to safely discover fantastic new worlds, join an enthusiastic dive community and dive with more satisfaction than ever! ProTec cave courses have three levels: Cavern, Intro to Cave and Full Cave Diver. Completion of the Intro to Cave certification already qualifies you to penetrate mines and caves and follow the mainlines inside.

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Wherever in the world you dive caves, you need much of same the equipment, knowledge and skills as a technical diver - in fact technical diving originated from cave diving.

Particularly in Finland, many of our exciting mine dives require technical diver training due to the depth and the practicalities of the overhead environment. We offer a full range of technical, extended range, advanced nitrox and trimix courses, which you can complete before or during your cave training. See our course page.

ProTec - Professional Technical Diving

ProTec is one of the few international Federations (code INT / F08) of CMAS. ProTec training and certification is therefore recognized worldwide. With more than 7,000 member instructors, ProTec dive centres offer training throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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ProTec equipment rentals

Need a DPV, rebreather, sidemount set or full face mask? ProTec rents a variety of specialist equipment and ships to your local ProTec dive centre. Rates are very reasonable. Contact us for a quote!

ProTec Finland

Welcome to ProTec Finland!

ProTec's Country Partner (PCP) in Finland is Sukeltamo / Jari Tuominen. 

In addition to his role as instructor, Jari is responsible for ProTec Finland's national policy and decision-making in compliance with national regulations and guidelines. 

Jari Tuominen   Instructor # 14924

ProTec Rec.Scuba 3 star Instructor Trainer 

ProTec Technical Advanced Wreck Instructor Trainer 

ProTec Nitrox / Advanced NX Instructor Trainer 

ProTec Trimix Instructor Trainer 

ProTec Tehnical Full Cave Instructor Trainer